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  1. Medal Reply
    Es una pequeña canción llamada "secretaria del amor".: It's a little tune called secretary of love.: me gustaría ahora hacer algo con todos ustedes y cantar una pequeña canción que un día escribí.: I want to get down with you all right now and sing a little tune I wrote one day.
  2. Zulkijora Reply
    El tema que se hizo famoso en todo el mundo, al ser protagonista de un comercial de Coca Cola.
  3. Fejora Reply
    Do you love to sing? Would you like to learn the words to the song that you can’t get out of your head? iSing is a karaoke app that offers free access to hundreds of songs with the best quality backing tracks right on your iPhone, wherever you are. It’s easy to use, fun to sing and play with. iSing was founded in as a Polish web karaoke app. Since then it became a place to go for.
  4. Kanos Reply
    I'd like to sing a song for everyone. Esta noche voy a cantar una canción que me encanta desde que tenía seis. Tonight I am going to perform a song that I've loved since I was six. Muchachos, no vine para cantar una canción. Guys, I didn't come here to sing a song. Decidí salir al escenario a cantar una .
  5. Vujin Reply
    My friend Shannon the Cannon here tells me Will wants to hop up on stage and sing us a song. Mi amiga Shanon la Cañón aquí Dice que Will quiere saltar al escenario para cantarnos una canción. To come up on stage and sing us a song!
  6. Faugul Reply
    Tengo que practicar mucho lo menos una hora al dia que me parece un poco aburrido. I would like to learn to play the drums, but my parents won't let me do it. Me encanta escuchar música porque me hace sentir relajado/a. I love listening to music because it makes me feel relaxed. I'd say that my favourite genre of music is hip-hop. - La.
  7. Yozshunos Reply
    So I would like to bring my new lead guitarist and good friend up on the stage to sing a song with me that we wrote together. Así que me gustaría subir a mi nuevo guitarrista principal y buen amigo al escenario para cantar una canción conmigo que escribimos juntos. She wants you to sing a song.
  8. Dourn Reply
    he invited the audience to sing along invitó al publico a cantar (a coro) con él I like records that get people singing along me gustan los discos en que la gente corea las canciones to sing along with or to a song corear una canción to sing along with or to a record/the radio cantar con un disco/la radio.