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    Apr 20,  · Sleep apnea is an underdiagnosed condition in patients with heart failure. Efficient identification of sleep apnea is needed, as treatment may improve heart failure–related outcomes. Currently, use of portable sleep monitoring in hospitalized patients and those at risk for central sleep apnea is discouraged. This study examined whether portable sleep monitoring with respiratory .
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    Introduction to Sleep lab Dr. Tripat Deep Singh MBBS, MD, RPSGT, RST International Sleep Specialist (World Sleep Federation Program) •The term polysomnography was given by Holland, Dement and Raynall in •It is the technique of recording, analysing and.
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    The traditional approach to remove sleep is sleep deprivation (SD) by sensory stimulation. However, stimulation‐induced SD can be stressful and can cause non‐specific side effects. An emerging alternative method is “genetic SD ”, which removes sleep using genetics or optogenetics. Sleep requires sleep‐active neurons and their regulators.
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    Results: The device correctly estimated sleep structures with an overall epoch-by-epoch accuracy of % ± % based on leave-one-out cross-validation. The device showed significantly.
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    June 3, Another Look At Sleep. By Michael D. Shaw. We first covered this subject back in That piece provided a historical perspective—even delving into a bit of Greek mythology—and discussed approaches to insomnia.