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  1. Akinolmaran Reply
    I wish, I wish, but it's all in vain I wish I was a maid again But a maid again I never can be Till apples grow on an orange tree I wish my baby it was born And smiling on its daddy's knee Then I would go to yon churchyard And let the long green grass grow over me When my apron-strings hung low He followed me through frost and snow.
  2. Zudal Reply
    One wish, one wish, one wish. One wish, one wish, one wish. One wish, one wish, one wish. One, wish, one wish, one wish [Verse 2:] And tell me is this the only way I, Can get you right back in. If so then searching I'll go, Then I can have you for sure. Then you'll be loving me, Holding me, Kissing me. So girl don't tell me what, I'm feeling is.
  3. Nebei Reply
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  4. Kazrami Reply
    – Jerry Knight (3) I Wish, I Wish: – Paul Petersen: Lollipops And Roses: – Don Gant: Sugar Love: – Oliver & The Twisters* Locomotion Twist: – Jimmy Beaumont: Baion Rhythm: – James Darren: Gidget Goes Hawaiian: – Sandy Stewart (2) I Heard You Cried Last Night: – The Marcels: Goodbye To Love: 2.
  5. Dourg Reply
    Aug 07,  · I know, I know. It's August. But I actually like this song:) It's from a children's Christmas movie and it is sung by Jo Stafford (I think that's the name anywhoo). An odd heartsong choice, but.
  6. Baktilar Reply
    And I wish I wish that we would all unite And I wish I wish I wish I wish [Verse 2 - Logic] I wish for peace in every country I wish for a stress-less life for my mummy I wish that no kid went hungry Cause trust me, if I had enough money I’d fill up every hungry kid’s tummy I wish that money gets abolished.
  7. Akitaur Reply
    When the verb WISH is used with a finite content clause, the meaning is counterfactual. We do not expect the thing described in the subordinate clause to happen: I wish I was taller. I wish I was a millionaire. I wish I was Einstein. Notice that when we use a full finite clause after wish the tense is .
  8. Samujin Reply
    Make a wish into the well That's all you have to do And if you hear it echoing Your wish will soon come true [SNOW WHITE] I'm wishing For the one I love [ECHO] I'm wishing: To find me Today.