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  1. Shakak Reply
    The Ultimate Nullifier is a cosmic artifact from the Marvel universe that has the power to destroy anything: its only limit is the imagination of the person that weilds it - due to its cataclysmic nature this device has been sought out by many villains and its use is often considered suicidal, meaning only the most fanatical and/or evil of beings would willing seek it out, though on occassions .
  2. Yozshusar Reply
    Aug 02,  · Nullifier first applies the dispel, then the debuff. The slow immediately triggers on the target upon projectile hit as well, so that it gets slowed on hit. When the target already has the Nullify debuff, refreshing it with a new cast does not trigger the slow. After that, the slow triggers on every successful attack hitting the target.
  3. Vogar Reply
    TheUltimate Nullifier is a powerful device from Marvel Comics that made its Convergence debut in The Ultimate Game. Within the Marvel universe, the Ultimate Nullifier is known as one of the most powerful devices ever created in the universe, if not even the multiverse.
  4. Vim Reply
    It could be the UltimateUltimate Nullifier. Or the U l t i m a t e 2 N u l l i f i e r {\displaystyle Ultimate^{2}Nullifier} It's possible this is how Reed will try and defeat Gah-Lak-Tus -- draining all the heat energy from an alternate reality to use as a super-weapon against it (which would unfortunately 'nullify' the universe from which the energy was taken).
  5. Meztilabar Reply
    Oct 31,  · Introduced in Fantastic Four #50 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Ultimate Nullifier is one of the most powerful, devastating weapons in the entire Marvel Universe. It has the ability to completely destroy anything or anyone, regardless of power, and the Fantastic Four effectively used it to ward off dekepinhygaltenemocamarselfge.coinfo: Brandon Zachary.
  6. Fenrigul Reply
    The Ultimate Nullifier is an artifact of unknown and unimaginable power that is kept aboard Galactus's starbase, Taa II. Its existence came to light when The Watcher dispatched the Human Torch to Taa II to commandeer the device when Galactus Threatened Earth for the first time. To regain the deadly device, Galactus agreed to leave Earth.
  7. Fenrisida Reply
    The Ultimate Nullifier is a two channel, four mode head, with channel 1 being the primary high gain channel and channel 2 as the clean channel. It’s got Watts of power surging through six 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6 power tubes, push/pull bias controls, a series/parallel effects loop, active and passive inputs, 3-band EQs for both.
  8. Mudal Reply
    Sep 13,  · The Ultimate Nullifier appears as a small hand-held silvery-metallic device with little or no apparent functionality, though it is possible that like Galactus, it appears differently depending on who is observing it. The Ultimate Nullifier is capable of destroying any target the bearer directs the Nullifier at. If the bearer lacks the proper control, concentration, or power then the Nullifier Date published: 13/09/